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In the Nexus vocabulary, VMG is both VMG to windward and VMG downwind.  Both show as a positive number.  We maximize it.  Downwind, we find that we sail a little bit "hotter" than boats which are more windward/leeward designs.  That is, our gybe angles are wider.  

When racing downwind, we set one of our multidisplays to show apparent wind on the top line and VMG on the bottom.  Once we optimize VMG, we can then gybe to the same apparent wind angle on the opposite gybe and the VMG should be close to optimized given no difference in wave angle, etc.  At this point we usually switch to watching the windex on the masthead because it's more responsive.

In shifty conditions, we have been known to put the top line while in wind mode on true wind angle because we feel wind shifts will be seen quicker.  True wind angle (TWA) is the angle between the true wind direction and the boat's heading.

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VMG (wind) would be helpful in determining the optimum point of sail when going to weather but do you know if it is useful to determine the optimum jibe angle when sailing downwind.  I haven’t checked that out yet with my instruments which are new to me this year but I would expect something like a minus number and that  larger negative numbers would be faster?  Is VMG(wind) a shortened way of saying VMG to windward.  Do you know what the Nexus system outputs for VMG wind on a downwind jibe?
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I think you're correct.  The compass shouldn't be needed.
Dennis C.
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