{Stus-List} Removal of A&H Hatch

Colin Kilgour ckilgour at sympatico.ca
Mon Jun 29 12:14:14 CDT 2009

They SHOULD just be held in with screws and bedded with butyl or silicone
but who knows what PO's may have done.
Once you've got them off (and cleaned up any damage that happens in the
process) the way to put them back on is to lay the hatch upside down and
fill the 'channel' in the frame with silicone (not adhesive) until it's a
wee bit proud of the frame.  Then flip it over, screw it down, wipe up the
mess and you're done.
When I rebedded my hatches this spring, I averaged a little more than one
tube of silicone per hatch (2 x 20 inch and 2 x 24 inch) so plan


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My A&H hatches were attached with screws and bedded in butyl. Sounds like
some idiot used something like 5200 to glue them down. Those bits of white
plastic could be epoxy used to fill the former screw holes. 
You may be able to get something like a high E guitar string under the frame
enough to cut through the black goop, or you could try Anti-bond 2015 to
break down the goop. Good luck.
Jim Watts
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C&C 35 Mk III
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Hi Folks - 
I have two small Atkins & Hoyle hatches (8x15) which developed leaks around
the frames.  Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to remove the frames from
the deck.  There are four holes in the top of the frames under which some
sort of fasteners should be located.  Each of the holes is filled with
hardened black "goo", but I can't seem to dig the goo out to get to a metal
screw.  As I dug down with an ice pick, some small chips of a white plastic
type substance, almost like hard epoxy, came out.  Is it possible these
hatches were attached with plastic or resin fasteners?  This doesn't sound
right to me, but I thought I would ask before I do any more excavation.  If
anyone has any experience removing these hatches, I would appreciate their
Drew Adair
C&C 32


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