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Russ & Melody russmel at telus.net
Mon Jun 29 13:30:38 EDT 2009

Hi Bill,

I love the Porta-bote... got a used one last year.

Setting up and handling on deck leaves black marks from the seam piping 
(ABS material?).
Do you have a system that prevent the marks?

Did you make any special arrangement for towing?

         Cheers, Russ
         35 mk-1

At 07:23 AM 6/28/2009, you wrote:
>Portabote!   :-)   I have mine listed in my will, because it is absolutely 
>certain to outlast me. My son may have to put it in his will, as well. It 
>has the makings of a family heirloom. Oh, yeah, cost half what an RIB 
>costs, has more room, weighs <60 pounds, planes with 3.5 HP, and I can set 
>it up or fold it and lash it to the lifelines in 15 minutes on the 
>foredeck of a 27 foot C&C by myself. Tows easily, ROWS well, and you can 
>drag it over metal scrap, sharp rocks, and broken glass with no worries. 
>To launch, I pick it up and drop it over the side. Retrieve the same way. 
>No hoists needed.
>Bill Bina
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