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Sounds like you pretty much have a deal you can live with all lined up.
If he can consult with the boss and get an OK for a 30% discount on the main, he'll probably be able to absorb the extra 10% and give you the full 40% discount you want on a new main.
He'll be able to tell the company that not only did he satisfy a customer with a screwed up sail, but he sold you a Second sail too! 
Everybody saves face.

When he comes back, ask him if it would be better to put the pendant at the head or the foot, or mabye a short pendant on each end? I'm thinking it's better to have the sail up in the air than down lower.  He should be able to tell the best way to do it, and provide the pendants for you (max cost about 5.00 each probably). He'll know he wont have any labor or transportation costs for the jib you have.
Then, press for 45% for the new main and settle for 40%. (Have you checkbook out on your knee or cockpit seat, and when he offers low, put it in your pocket.) Negotiating is fun!

Dave Ryan
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  [previously on Stus-List:  I installed NEW sail built over winter and found the luff too short - the sail representative, who did the measurements, found that the sail designer mistakenly entered a wrong dimension into the computer program. -- many replies.]

  THANKS to all for your support and suggested sail and negotiation options.

  I met with the sail representative early last week on my boat. From the sail design he calculated that the sail luff was about 12 inches too short; I had measured about 14.5 inches with a rope pendant on the tack. His 12 inches allows for 1% stretch. He offered adding material to the sail or if I wanted material and a pendant to raise the tack. The sail would be removed on a Monday and installed again before the end of the week. 

  I refused the offer to add material and said that the only way I could get what I paid for was to build a new sail from the correct dimensions. He accepted this without argument. It would take about four - five weeks at this time year. The sails are designed in Annapolis but built in South Africa. Then I offered to maybe take this sail with a pendant (probably at head) if he would give me a large (~40%) discount on another sail (a main). After consulting with his boss, he said that this could be an option and since I had purchased this sail with the boat show discount (15%), maybe double that for a main.

  btw, the main is the original Hood sail with 18inch cloth panels and brown stitching that has been recut several times and is thus slightly reduced in size. The narrow panels allowed many adjustments. It could probably go another 10 years but I'm thinking maybe, just maybe, it might be time for a new main. <grin>

  Anyway, since the rep was leaving for vacation, he said I could use this sail until he returns from vacation after the fourth of July and then decide what I want to do. He did not want to leave me without a sail for this period of time. 

  We moved the temporary rope pendant from the tack to the head, he left, and I went sailing. I have been out several times and the sail seems ok. Since I don't race, I'm not the best at judging sail shape and trim so I can't say this sail is wrong for my boat and my only option is a rebuild. There are probably several more sailing opportunities before I have to decide what to do.

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