{Stus-List} Raymarine ST60+ problem -now depthmeter offset

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Actual depth, but the boat I race on, and take offshore, and cruise in the islands uses a keel offset.  Makes life interesting as I'm back and forth between boats!... 




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Just curious how many listers use an offset for their depthmeter and which they use?  I adjust offset to give actual depth so I can compare to charted depth.  On the other hand, a couple of my friends want clearance under keel. 

Dennis C. 
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You are correct, Dwight. 

Rich Knowles 
Halifax, NS. 

On 2010-06-30, at 8:32 PM, dwight veinot wrote: 

I think I got what you mean.  But I didn’t think the off set had anything to do with the actual sound wave from the transducer…I thought it was simply an imposed numerical correction on the readout.  I set it to measure depth from the surface by adding +2 feet when I did the install 

Dwight Veinot 

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You may be getting a reflection off the keel.  Have you tried changing the offset?  The offset allows your depth sounder to measure depth from the bottom of the keel. If the offset is set at minus four feet (distance from the sensor to the bottom of the keel), for example, and reflection off the keel says your depth is two feet, the depth sounder might be confused into thinking that you're aground.  If you set the offset to plus two feet (distance from the sensor to the waterline) you are actually measuring the depth of the water.  (I might have my plus and minus signs reversed since I'm doing this from memory, but I'm sure you get the idea.) 

Alan Bergen 
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