{Stus-List} Hydraulic Backstay Adjuster woes!

Barry Miller bearmiller at charter.net
Thu Jul 1 12:41:56 EDT 2010

My Navtec adjuster off my C&C 34  decided to take a dump just before going 
to Milwaukee for the Queen's Cup race.  I had sent it in two years ago for 
R&R cause it was leaking.  Came back with a $500 bill and still leaked but 
worked.  Will not hold pressure at all anymore.  Question is it worth (after 
29 years) to get new "o" rings etc repair kit and try again or bite the 
bullet and buy new?  Have gone to a turn-buckle for right now so no quick 
adjustment anymore but at least am still sailing.  Thanks for any comments.

Barry Miller
"MILLER TIME"  C&C 34  15238
cell 616-881-2230 

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