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dwight veinot dwightveinot at hfx.eastlink.ca
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Thanks Bill, 


You may be right.  I have powered now selectable through 2 different
switches, but I use only one at a time.  One 12 volt supply line goes
straight to the sounder from the switch panel and another 12 volt line is
supplied through the Sea  talk cable from my graphic display (the graphic
display is powered by its own 12 volt line and that line is powered through
a totally different switch on the panel.  I only use one 12 v supply line at
a time but either line works alone and powers all 4 units(depth, speed, wind
and graphic in a Sea Talk loop) and either leaves me with the same problem.
Each of those 12 volt supply lines to the sounder (depending on which I use
to turn the instruments on at the switch panel also power my wind instrument
and knotmeter through the short sea talk cables from the sounder to the wind
instrument and from there to the knotmeter by another short sea talk cable.
So I have one redundant 12 volt supply regardless of which I use to power my
instruments but both lines go through different switches on the same panel.
The wind instrument and knotmeter work flawlessly and always have.


However I will try your suggestion.  I really would like to resolve this
thing so all ideas are worth a try because so far I am baffled.


Dwight Veinot

1974 C&C 35, Alianna

Head of St. Margaret's Bay, NS



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Before changing a lot of stuff, I strongly recommend that you hook JUST the
depth sounder to a battery that is NOT connected to the boat's electrical
system, and use it that way for a week to see if the problem disappears. I'm
betting that it will work perfectly. ;-) 

Bill Bina

On 7/4/2010 12:12 PM, dwight veinot wrote: 

Please fellow sailors


Back on the problem with my depth sounder.  Yesterday we found out that the
thing works perfectly well for hours when steaming at 4-5 kts in fairly calm
sea conditions where the depth varied from 12 to 40 feet.   The problem
seems to be motion related; either the result of some weak connection or
from turbulence near the transducer.  It worked sporadically, cycling
between close to actual depth on the chart and no meaningful number like 9.8
feet, at depths greater than 40 feet but there we were in rougher conditions
with apparent winds to 23 and rolling sea with white caps. As I said I have
experienced this problem with 2 different display heads and 2 different
transducers so I feel I can rule out either unit as the cause.  I will again
check my wire runs and connections.  I assumed that my sea talk cables
between display units was not an issue but having checked all other
connections I will now try changing out some sea talk cables between units:
I have 2 new ones that are unused which I can use to check this.


I just don't want to accept that turbulence around the transducer can be
responsible for this problem when so many other boats have similar setups
but have good working sounders.


Anyone ever had a problem with a defective sea talk cable?


Dwight Veinot

1974 C&C 35, Alianna

Head of St. Margaret's Bay, NS



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