{Stus-List} Masthead Cable routing thru-deck??

Bill Coleman coltrek at verizon.net
Mon Jul 5 10:01:07 EDT 2010

I have been anxious to hear a review on this Garmin's wind sensor, I am glad
to hear of someone who has one.

Having said that, a quick review of it again on Defender's site says they
have 3 left and are NOT going to sell it anymore! ?

Does anyone know why this would be?  What is the 'Rest of the story'?

(Incidentally, I recommend the idea of running lines through the bilge also)


Bill Coleman

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I am Stuck.  I have to route a Cable from my Masthead Sensor for my new
Garmin GWS 10 through the cockpit roof and back to the Breaker box on my C&C
24 for Power to the NMEA system and display.   First of all Drilling a hole
in the roof is a whole lot bothersome to me, It hasn't needed that hole for
the past 27 years and I'm about to change that.  After I drill the hole to
get the NMEA 2000 cable, I have to somehow make a 90 degree turn and fish it
back through the space between the inner cabin shell and the exterior.  The
power for the Mast light comes out at about the same place, and all I can
think of so far is to drill next to the mast power wires,  and then use the
old wire to pull a line through the space back to where the Breaker
box/power supply is.  I thought it might be possible to drill through the
mast step plate and run the NMEA wire down the inside mast support tube then
down and back through the bilge by the keelbolts and back up to the breaker
box.  However, Here we go again with drilling a hole in the mast base.

Any other suggestions or help with figuring out how to thread the NMEA cable
through the cabin top and back to where it needs to go? 

Appreciate whatever ideas ya have, I'm only doing this once and I want it to
be done right.

Cary Palmer

C&C 24 


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