{Stus-List} More Stuff with C&C 24 Mast Wire Routing

Jim Watts jimwatts at shaw.ca
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Probably just well gooped on with something. C&C used butyl (or nothing), so that should not be an issue. Maybe some former idiot glued it down with 5200 or something equally stoopid. If you're going to whack, do it on the back end of a broad and strong putty knife, to cut through the sealant. Random whacking of the mast collar would be contraindicated.

Jim Watts
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  Thanks for all the other advice last week.
  I pretty much decided I'd pull the wires down through the Mast Base and run my masthead sensor wiring down through the Mast support tube.  I took the 4 cap nuts off the Cast aluminum Collar/Ring at the top of the tube and the collar/through-bolt out.   Plate is stuck.  I tried gently hammering a putty knife under it, Tapped gently around the collar with a hammer, It appears to be cast aluminum, I figure it might be brittle.  Gonna whack the crap out of it tomorrow with a Rubber Mallet to see if I can get the collar to drop down.  Trying to be REALLY careful so I don't Break it.  Anyone know if it might be threaded onto the mast support tube instead of just a slip connection?  
  I need the collar to drop so when i drill a hole in the bottom of the mast step from below I can cover up the 5/8" hole I have to make to pull the cable end through.
  Any suggestions?
  Cary Palmer, frustrated
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