{Stus-List} replacement bulb holders for gauge lights

Bill Coleman coltrek at verizon.net
Thu Jul 8 11:35:19 EDT 2010

Also Radio Shack has lots of interesting electrical pieces in those myriad
of drawers.  Maybe even find an LED there and forget about the bulb.

Bill Coleman
C&C 39

Try an automotive parts supply house or a junk yard. Are you sure it's not
hanging on the wire behind the panel?

Rich Knowles
Halifax, NS

The bulb holder (notched twist in 1/4 turn) in my engine control panel oil
pressure gauge fell out and cannot be found. I cannot tell 
who manufactured the thing nor have I had any luck finding generic
replacements on the internet. The panel is not original. Does anyone 
know of a replacement source for these sorts of things? Thanks.
C&C 33-1 '75

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