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 You need to disconnect the cable and shift the transmission by had to
eliminate a problem with the transmission. Yanmar has a specific throw to
engage the cone clutch. Then shift the cable (not connected ) and compare
that the cable is throwing the lever to engage. Many times when an engine is
removed you can change this throw. Try this and see what you get. If it
shifts fine by hand it is usually a cable problem. Good luck in the 300.

Martin van Houten

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Dear Fellow C&C Owners.


We are having a problem that completely perplexes everybody including my


We have a C&C 29 MK 2, 1986.  We've just completed a rebuilding of the
Yanmar Diesel as well as refitting all the deck hardware and running


Our problem is when engaging our engine in gear for the first few seconds or
in some cases minutes the prop is not pushing us faster than about 1 knot.
Afterwards we hear and feel a "thunk" and prop is working perfectly well and
will easily propel us at about 5.5 knots.  When we slow our revolutions down
while in gear and then try to speed up we have the same problem.  The
transmission is working perfectly well and the shaft is a direct drive to
the prop.  The shaft spins properly so everybody is trying to figure out
what's causing the problem.  I dove down and checked the prop.  It is
solidly in place and is clear of any debris and turns properly.  In neutral
it will spin either way, in reverse and in forward only one way as it


We are entered in the LO300 race on Saturday, July 17 and would like to fix
this problem before the race.


Any ideas?


Ron Ander




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