{Stus-List} C&C29 autopilot [was Re: Arioso's broken chainplate]

Graham Collins gcollins at hfx.eastlink.ca
Fri Jul 9 19:19:39 EDT 2010

I'll second that, check the transmission. When we launched her last year 
(our first time) we found that Secret Plans transmission would not 
engage right away. I'd get a bit more than a knot out of it, but not 
full thrust. And I could easily start the boat in gear if I wasn't 
paying attention.

Had the transmission rebuilt over the winter - the clutch cones were 
very glazed. Works perfectly now, knock on wood.

I'd still do the race though, you aren't supposed to be using the engine 
anyway!!! :-)

- Graham
Secret Plans
C&C 35-III

pwaldeck wrote:

> I just finished a miserable month trying to find a similar problem 
> with my C & C 29-2. When moving the transmission to forward the entire 
> boat shook like crazy. If I put it in of gear and back to neutral 
> number of times I could finally get it to smooth out.
> I have a FlexOFold prop which the mechanics at my yard told me was the 
> problem. FlexOFold loaned me a new prop with a full return privilege 
> to test as they did not think the prop was the problem. Turned out the 
> transmission needed to be rebuilt and it is now (finally) in great 
> shape. Suggest you look at the tranny, coupling and alignment. Can’t 
> comment if you have a Martec but FlexOFold props are geared so both 
> blades MUST open at the same time and to the same degree.
> Hope this helps. Keep us posted.
> Paul Waldeck
> “Second Wind”
> C & C29-2
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> Dear Fellow C&C Owners.
> We are having a problem that completely perplexes everybody including 
> my mechanic.
> We have a C&C 29 MK 2, 1986. We’ve just completed a rebuilding of the 
> Yanmar Diesel as well as refitting all the deck hardware and running 
> rigging.
> Our problem is when engaging our engine in gear for the first few 
> seconds or in some cases minutes the prop is not pushing us faster 
> than about 1 knot. Afterwards we hear and feel a “thunk” and prop is 
> working perfectly well and will easily propel us at about 5.5 knots. 
> When we slow our revolutions down while in gear and then try to speed 
> up we have the same problem. The transmission is working perfectly 
> well and the shaft is a direct drive to the prop. The shaft spins 
> properly so everybody is trying to figure out what’s causing the 
> problem. I dove down and checked the prop. It is solidly in place and 
> is clear of any debris and turns properly. In neutral it will spin 
> either way, in reverse and in forward only one way as it should.
> We are entered in the LO300 race on Saturday, July 17 and would like 
> to fix this problem before the race.
> Any ideas?
> Ron Ander
> Alchemist
> E.Y.C.
> Toronto
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