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Sounds like the same thing that happens to my Martec folding prop. One blade will come right out while the other holds back. Martec can rebuild the prop at a reasonable cost but first I would have someone go overboard and see how easy or hard it is to move both blades. If you are in salt water, I suspect you might be getting some growth on the blades or in the hub. I have a diver clean the bottom and the prop every three weeks and the problem doesn't show up. The last few seasons, we didn't get in much sailing and the prop when fouled would slow the boat down. Clean we would get 5.5 knots.  Dirty, it would not throw one blade and we got 2.5-3 knots out of the prop with both blades open. If you ever had the Martec apart you'll see there is room for marine growth. If the prop has been on for years with no rebuild, I suggest you take it off and ship it to Martec over the winter. I was going to buy a new prop and THEY suggested that I have it repaired instead. 
Jack CornishMoondance C&C 29 MKI

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I just finished a miserable month trying
to find a similar problem with my C & C 29-2. When moving the transmission
to forward the entire boat shook like crazy. If I put it in of gear and back to
neutral  number of times I could finally get it to smooth out. 

I have a FlexOFold prop which the
mechanics at my yard told me was the problem. FlexOFold loaned me a new prop
with a full return privilege to test as they did not think the prop was the
problem. Turned out the transmission needed to be rebuilt and it is now
(finally) in great shape. Suggest you look at the tranny, coupling and alignment.
Can’t comment if you have a Martec but FlexOFold props are geared so both
blades MUST open at the same time and to the same degree. 


Hope this helps. Keep us posted. 



Paul Waldeck

“Second Wind”  

C & C29-2

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Dear Fellow C&C Owners.


We are having a problem that completely
perplexes everybody including my mechanic.  


We have a C&C 29 MK 2, 1986. 
We’ve just completed a rebuilding of the Yanmar Diesel as well as
refitting all the deck hardware and running rigging.  


Our problem is when engaging our engine in
gear for the first few seconds or in some cases minutes the prop is not pushing
us faster than about 1 knot.  Afterwards we hear and feel a
“thunk” and prop is working perfectly well and will easily propel
us at about 5.5 knots.  When we slow our revolutions down while in gear
and then try to speed up we have the same problem.  The transmission is
working perfectly well and the shaft is a direct drive to the prop.  The
shaft spins properly so everybody is trying to figure out what’s causing
the problem.  I dove down and checked the prop.  It is solidly in
place and is clear of any debris and turns properly.  In neutral it will
spin either way, in reverse and in forward only one way as it should.


We are entered in the LO300 race on
Saturday, July 17 and would like to fix this problem before the race.


Any ideas?


Ron Ander




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