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You'll need a good scale to weight the blades for balance.  Then is still won't 
be quite as good as a dynamic balance.

Dennis C.
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I have a hunch, if he’s got a machinist that good, martec will never again see 
that prop as long as Brent owns it!  He’ll have his machinist do any fixes, pins 
or blades, as needed.
Hood River, OR
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That is a very unique solution to your problem.  Very clever.  One issue, which 
you may never run into, is when Martec rebuilds props, they bore out the hole in 
the hub and blades to use a larger pin.  If you sent yours in, it would probably 
come back with the original pin set-up (just a larger pin).  Hopefully your prop 
will stay good and tight for a long while.
Jake Brodersen
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>A guy at our club is a millwright and he fixed my 2 blade martec prop from my 
>27. The pin that holds the blades was bent and the body that holds all that 
>together had bent out a little on each side which made the prop VERY floppy. To 
>repair it he heated the body and carefully compressed it straight again. Then 
>instead of replacing the pin he made a shaft with a mushroom head on each end, 
>split in the middle and machined so it screws together. The mushroom heads are 
>countersunk into the body. With this set up the pin not only holds the blades 
>but keeps the force of the turning unit from bending the body apart. A small 
>tool custom made was given to me as well to take it apart. This is year 2 with 
>it and it works great. This setup is superior to the original martec unit and it 
>will likely never need service again.   
>Another thing to be aware of is that there is a left and right blade. If 
>reversed the mechanism jams up slightly. There is a marking on the blade to show 
>you which is which but right now I can't rememberer which or what.

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