{Stus-List} Shaeffer? Rope Clutch C&C35mkIII

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I have those same clutches.  I'll bet that Florida Rigging and Hydraulic (800 
718-1649) might be able to help you.  They are a master Lewmar distributor.  I'm 
betting that you can buy just the handle.  Challenge will be if Lewmar still 
stocks the part.  

Dennis C.

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I could have sworn that the clutches I have are Shaeffers, but when I went back 
to the boat to check, I found that they are Lewmars. No idea of age / model 
numbers but they have 8-10 and 5/16 - 3/8 stamped on them The area of the base 
is 6" x 3" and they are grey. Will try and get back to the boat tomorrow and see 
if I can measure / document the through-bolt pattern.
I am still looking for an aexact replacement of either just the handle, or 
complete double unit, but if I do have to go for replacement of the complete 
double unit, has anyone tried out the Garhauer clutches - they are about 2/3 the 
price of Lewmars and 1/2 that of Spinlock?
Indigo - C&C 35MkIII Southport CT
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>I have a Schaefer and a Forespar.  Make me an offer.
>Alan Bergen
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>Rose City YC
>Portland, OR
>----- "Indigo (Jonathan Thomson)" <indigo at thethomsons.us> wrote: 
>| I don't supposed anyone has a set of rope clutches lying around that once 
>| came off the cabin top of a C&C35MKIII. I am assuming I have original 1983 
>| equipment.
>| I clumsily stepped on one of the levers when it was in the open position and 
>| broke it. Would love to get new Spinlocks or Lewmars but I have neither the 
>| budget or more importantly the time to re-drill the deck before the annual 
>| cruise.  I am hoping I can switch out the lever with a used one fairly 
>| easily.
>| Jonathan -
>| Indigo
>|  C&C35MKIII 
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