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I heard Willink speak this Spring and he's a breath of fresh air. One of his slides showed the topography of the area around the electric barrier, which is low lying and floods easily. At which point, the fish swim around the barrier; hence the need for a second barrier, sited on land that doesn't flood. Gotta wonder why that one wasn't figured out on the first go-round. Not that it really matters, I suppose, given the various other routes for the fish to use ...

It occurs to me that if someone would develop a carp birth control pill, we could build a tunnel that they'd be forced to swim into in order to avoid the electric barrier. Then they'd all suffer from ... Carp pill tunnel syndrome. (Sorry)

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Walt - 

Hmmm.  Interesting link.  So the electric barrier is only 99% effective.
Maybe we should just give the carp The Pill.  (Thank goodness they never tried electroshock birth control.  <VBG>)

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