{Stus-List} Giving Back - now Asian Carp and Trip Report

Peter Deppisch peter.deppisch at sympatico.ca
Thu Jul 15 19:03:23 EDT 2010

On 15/07/2010 2:53 PM, Indigo (Jonathan Thomson) wrote:
> Can't we stop carping on about the damn fish and get back to sailing 
> topics!
> Jonathan
We don't talk a lot about sailing anyway - mostly problems and how to 
repair.  :(

Went to the North Chanel from June 25 to July 4th.   Had to motor from 
Lion's Head to Killarney as there was no wind, 64 nm - 12 hours - no fun 
but we were on the water - that part was good.
Next day had fish dinner at lunch - they do make fabulous fish dinners 
in Killarney.  And then we motored - still no wind - to Baie Finne.  And 
that is a fabulous spot.
Next day we needed to get to Little Current for ice and a pump out at .  
Tried to sail but hardly any wind.
And missed the swing bridge at Little Current and had to wait an hour.  
Bad planning.   Then motored to a place called Hotham Harbour.

Next day it blew 25 to 30 knots plus very limited visibility so we 
stayed put.   I know, I know, lots of wind and not sailing.  :(

I had bought a kayak at the Toronto Boat Show in the winter and when I 
picked it up they had a Old Town Loon kayak on sale so I upgraded for 
another $100.- and I had taken it along on this trip.  So we went for a 
paddle instead.

Next day we tried to find a 16 foot tender that a 56 foot powerboat or 
should I say ship had lost the previous day.  No luck - did not find.  
It was later spotted by an air-plane but the hull had gotten bashed.

So decided to sail to Gore Bay - a very interesting sail - the winds 
were 16 to 18 knots and gusting to 23 knots - only had the genoa out and 
it was rolled to about 110% and a couple of times the rail was in the 
water.  Very thrilling and exciting.  Tried to take a video but I find 
videos don't to it justice. Pretty wild ride up-wind but also fun.

Next day the wind was still 25 to 30 knots so we stayed put in Gore 
Bay.  We did a crew change in Gore Bay and next day the wind was around 
10 to 12 knots  and so we sailed to Beardrop Harbour - which is in the 
Whalesback part of the North Channel.  We just about sailed right in the 
harbour.  Nice!
Only two other boats and usually there is lots of other boats in there.  
But then there seemed to be hardly any boat traffic.
Next day I did a kayak tour of the harbour and area in the morning and 
we had wind in the afternoon so sailed to a new anchorage, at least for 
me, Eagle Island.  Misread the chart and did a rather narrow, but 
thankfully deep, passage between two islands.

Next day sailed to Little Current - I can only stay at anchorages for 
two days and then I want to walk around.

Lion's Head is south of Little Current and wind was going to be south 
for next three days mainly around 15 to 25 knots.
So we picked Sunday to go back as it promised less wind in the 
afternoon.  Ha!

Put a reef in main and motorsailed for 14 hours and winds mostly 16 
knots with a lot of 18 and 20 and occasionally 24 knots.  Long day - 
sunny and windy and we got burned - and tough day - had to steer all 
day.  The excuse for not sailing that stretch was that my buddy needed 
to be back.  And sailing would have gotten us to Lion's Head in the wee 
hours of the morning and or we would have had to overnight in Wingfield 

Again - quite the ride.  I should learn to enjoy them more.  But always 
afraid that something will break.

Need to get out of that habit. :)

I am having problems with my roller-furling though and need to get that 
fixed!!!!! Otherwise one day will break forestay and loose rig and that 
was part of the problem in enjoying the high winds because, to me, the 
roller-furling is suspect.  I should not need a winch and I did not have 
to last year. So something is snafued up there.

Maybe then I will feel better about the boat when I am comfortable with 
the roller-furling when the wind blows in excess of 20 knots.

All in all - very nice trip!

S/V Tangerine
Lion's Head, Ontario

"Tell me and I'll forget. Show me and I'll remember. Involve me and I'll
understand." - Confucius


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