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Just curious... how many drawings make up the complete set for the C&C 25?  

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Hi folks,

When my wife inherited her family's cottage last fall, I sold my C&C 
25.  I decided that I wanted some memento of the boat. 

I recalled reading on this list that the C&C drawings are now stored at 
the Marine Museum of the Great Lakes in Kingston, Ont.  I contacted them 
about getting copies of the original drawings (blueprints) of the C&C 25 
Mk I that might be suitable for framing. The website is www.marmuseum.ca.

Within a short time, I received some photos of the drawings to help me 
choose which I might like.  I ordered a sail plan drawing and an 
"accommodations and sections" drawing.  The sailplan drawing measures 
about 4 feet x 3 feet, the other slightly smaller.  I look forward to 
framing these drawings and having them hanging in my home office. 

The museum will provide copies in paper or electronic form, and will 
provide some "clean up" of the electronic files (the originals show 
creases, folds, stains, etc.).  They will also reduce any paper copies 
to whatever size requested.  Overall, they are extremely helpful and 

The total cost for the two copies, including taxes and shipping, was 
$63.  I thought that very reasonable. 

I bring this to your attention in case anyone else might be interested 
in getting similar copies of drawings of their boat.  Note that the 
museum does not have copies of all drawings for all C&C boats. 

After receiving my order, I contacted the curator (Ben Holthof - his 
contact information is on the website) and asked if it would be ok to 
tell of my experience to the C&C group.  He replied "we are quite happy 
to help C&C owners find copies of their boat's drawings". 

I can't think of a better souvenir of my C&C then a framed drawing.  The 
process for obtaining copies of these drawings is very easy.  

Fair winds,

David Cole

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