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You are welcome to come sail with me, but I don't have a race that weekend.
Typically at that time of the year the wind dies and the odds are it could
rain.  However, rain usually brings wind so.  I'm not a member of Berkeley
YC so I don't race that series.




Ian Matthew

C&C 29-1  "Siento el Viento" 

San Francisco Bay


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I will be in San Francisco Sunday 10/24 through Tuesday 10/26 and I would
love to be able to crew on a C&C 32 or other C&C.  I have done a bit of
checking and there is a Chowder Race Series starting that Sunday out of
Berkeley Yacht Club.  I would appreciate guidance/information that could
help me crew on San Francisco Bay.  


Michael Clow

Desire, C&C 32



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