{Stus-List} Keep your diesel happy - fuel filters, etc.

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I can always get my father foaming at the mouth by asking him about the 
magnets that "align your hard water and make it soft"...  he worked in 
the water pump / conditioning industry for years and would get very 
worked up at mention of these snake oil salesmen...

I believe Algae-X to be in the same market.  Same as those "Q-ray" 
braclets to align your personal energy....

Dennis C. wrote:

> Jake,
> I admit there's a large element of smoke and mirrors to Algae-X.  I'm 
> always reminded of the food preservation pyramids.  But, all in all, 
> the thing seems to work.  It's just a hollow hockey puck with a very 
> strong magnet.  Fuel will change color and clarity as it passes through.
> Dennis C.
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> Dennis,
> I agree with you on all points but #2.  Having had no personal 
> experience, I hate to poo-poo a great product, but I suspect that 
> Algae-X sounds a lot like the cow magnets (!) that we used to put 
> around our fuel lines in the 70's to properly align the fuel atoms so 
> they could burn more efficiently.  Can't say that they worked for me, 
> although they were fun to play with.
> Jake
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>     To keep a diesel happy:
>     1) Install a high quality water separating filter like a Racor 500MA
>     2) Install an Algae-X before the primary filter to convert the
>     mucky stuff into stuff that will pass through the filter and be
>     combusted in the engine.  Don't ask me how it works, it just
>     does.  I don't add stabilizers or any other conditioners to my
>     fuel and I never have fuel issues.
>     3) Install a vacuum gauge between the primary and secondary
>     filters to tell you when the primary is beginning to plug rather
>     than change elements on time or run time.  Just because you
>     changed it every May and it worked fine doesn't mean you won't get
>     a surge in growth or a batch of bad fuel.
>     4) Make sure the your deck fill fitting and cap are metal, not
>     plastic.  Inspect the gasket every spring.  A cracked cap or bad
>     gasket are likely sources of water ingress.
>     5)  Run your diesel often.  Put it in gear and give it some
>     throttle.  Diesels don't like to idle with no load.
>     6)  Change the oil regularly.  Use an oil rated for diesel.  I
>     forget the spec.  It's been posted on the list several times. 
>     Warm the engine to operating temperature before you change the oil
>     and filter.  You'd be surprised how many people change the oil on
>     a cold engine.
>     Dennis C.
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