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Lines lead aft is primarily a safety issue for the way I am using my boat


I have all my adjustment lines lead aft to the cockpit through appropriately
labeled Lewmar clutches because I find it much safer to make sail
adjustments from within the cockpit.  I wear a harness and tether because
above all else I want to stay on board.  My clutches were supplied with an
assortment of stick on labels that are very clear.  I suppose someone could
release the wrong line without taking time to read the label on the clutch
but that shouldn't happen or if it did happen it would not be too hard to
recover from.  I have always enjoyed tweaking lines to affect sail shape and
performance so lines aft makes that easy for me.  I also find it much easier
to see what is happening with the sails and boat performance if I am able to
adjust things from within the cockpit.


I mostly cruise nowadays so I carry only one spin halyard which is seldom
used and not lead aft.  If I have a spinnaker on board and choose to use it
in light air while short crewed for a long downwind leg it is easier for one
person to release the halyard and gather in the chute if the halyard is
controlled from the mast base area.


>From port to starboard


Genoa halyard 1

Genoa halyard 2

Boom topping lift (to a Harken cam cleat, 5/16 line with 4:1 purchase at
boom end)

Clew outhaul

Boom vang


1st reef clew

Main halyard

Cunningham, rigged high to the 1st reef cringle so it doubles as the 1st
reef tack line

Pole topping left

Pole down haul


With this setup I can do all the necessary tasks while tethered safely in
the cockpit except for packing up the mainsail and that task is usually done
while the boat is moving slow under engine power or sitting still in the
water.  The high Cunningham is a compromise that works fairly well and
allows one line to serve 2 purposes.


I use my Raymarine wheel pilot to keep the boat head to wind at about 3 kts
when hoisting the main sail and then again if I want to pack up the main
sail while slowly motoring back to the mooring.


The boat is almost rigged for serious racing but I would add the second spin
halyard if I raced and then the 2 genoa halyards would see more use during
headsail changes as well.


Dwight Veinot

1974 C&C 35, Alianna

Head of St. Margaret's Bay, NS



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Not to toot too many horns, but we're currently first in our Wednesday night
series, and doing OK in the weekend regatta's / overnights we enter (always
placed in top 3 in the last two years).  We also had a wonderful time
cruising last weekend with another couple and are going two-handed to Cape
Cod for what I expect to be a comfortable week sailing in August, so I think
we do all kinds of sailing (except living aboard / long distance cruising).


Having anything up by the mast when cruising (vang, cunnigham, outhaul etc)
means it won't get adjusted at all in my opinion, whereas having them in the
cockpit means a tweak on the vang (necessary) or Cunningham (nice) is
extremely easy.  Everything is clearly labeled to avoid confusion, and we
just don't care as much about adjustments when we're cruising.  We have a
fairly young crew, but I have had some of the older or less mobile people
doing pit (including po of very well sailed J35), and they have excelled
there with everything needed for control within arms length.  We're pretty
happy with the cockpit controls, but on the other hand, we don't like how
our traveler arrangement is set up and will be modifying it as soon as we've
worked something better out.


If you're not adjusting your babystay (on a 35-3 at least) then either you
don't sail in strong winds, or you have a very flat main that doesn't need
any tuning.








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