{Stus-List} Winch Maintenance

Nauset Beach nausetbeach at optonline.net
Mon Mar 1 15:28:28 EST 2010

If all the bolts have been removed between the upper and lower housings [the
Barient 24's have 3 bolts and 28's have 4 bolts - looks like the 26 has 7
screws !?], and the upper still will not separate, after removing the roller
bearings, try a couple taps with a rubber mallet, or use a block of wood and
a hammer.  Having a box around the winch as suggested will help catch any
parts that may become loose as the housings separate - though no guarantee.


First time I did my winches it required quite a bit of effort just to remove
the drum, and the housings were not much easier.  They were completely
encrusted in salt and old grease.




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Hi Russ,

The drum came off fine.

I was unable to separate the upper gear housing from the lower gear housing
(parts #2 and #1 in the exploded view).



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