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Morgenstern, Keith E CIV SEA 08 NR keith.morgenstern at navy.mil
Tue Mar 2 14:31:55 EST 2010

Dennis, a few months ago I mentioned that I got my windshield replaced
and learned a lot that will be applicable when I tackle my window job.

A few items:  the "Safelite" autoglass repairer I had used something
called "Sika ASAP, SikaTack" that was actually hot (~180F) when he
applied it.  That stuff only works with actual glass (it attacks
plastic).  Also, it's not UV stable, which is why the windshields ALWAYS
have a black ceramic edge on the glass, and then have some sort of
plastic cap that covers the outside edges where the goop oooses out.

So in researching the adhesives my autoglass installer used, I found
that Sika recommends their 295UV for plastic windows.  They even have a
rather large online manual about it. (Google "sika marine direct glazing

-Keith Morgenstern
C&C 35-3
Beyond the Sea

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Some thoughts:


3.  Interesting in the world of sailboaters, who are always trying to
find reasonably priced solutions (read cheap fixes), that auto
windshield adhesive isn't widely reported on as an alternative.


Dennis C.

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