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Alan Paul allegrasail at yahoo.com
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I have seen several boats here in Southern California with windows that have been screwed in place and most of them are cracked around the screws. I assume it's from thermal expansion or structural movement.  Our range of temperatures is from 40 deg. to about 84 deg. throughout the year with no extremes in either direction.  I suppose the sun gets them much warmer than the ambient temp.
I wouldn't screw or glue the windows. I think the windows need the ability to flex and expand.  If you use screws definitely put them in big holes, maybe with a washer.
Alan Paul
Allegra C&C 37

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Mine were that way, and it worked fine for many many years...until some
got in behind them and froze over the winter, I guess.  Came back and the
windows were pretty much all busted around the screws.  So, I replaced and 
glued them back in as they were supposed to be done originally.

If your not in an area of extreme weather differentials, it should work
I'd suggest that the holes be over drilled a bit to allow heat/cooling

  Muir Caileag

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When I was boat hunting I saw a C&C 34 where they had simply screwed the
replacement windows in place, and countersunk the black anodized screws to
blend in with the tinted windows. Presumably they also glued or sealed them
in some way. I have no idea whether they leak or not, but they look fine
that way, and they must be easier to remove when the time comes. Comments?


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