{Stus-List} re-bedding handrails on '75 C&C 33

Fred Hazzard fredhazzard at spiritone.com
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If you run into 5200 you can break them loose with a thin putty knife that
you can drive in with a hammer.  You can either drill out the  teak plugs or
sometimes they will split and pop out with sharp tool.


Fred Hazzard

S/V Fury


C&C 44


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Hello listers,


My handrails leak badly and I'm about to pull them off and attempt to
re-bed. The deck handrail seems to be fastened to a matching interior
handrail via a long machine screw. I'm a bit concerned that I'll get started
on this job and then find out that someone put some 5200 on there...


I'm sure there is a lot of variation in how these are installed, so I'm
hoping to find another 33 mk1 owner who has been down this road before. Can
anyone offer any guidance?




C&C 33 mk1 

"Exit Strategy"

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