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This just proves the superstition than bananas on board are bad luck. 


Rick Taillieu
'75 C&C 25
Shearwater YC

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To Dennis' question about what happens if your stuffing box blows...

I had this happen on BIBENDUM.  I'd had a contractor working on the boat and
he errantly moved the rag mop in the starboard locker to the 'engine' side
of the divider in the locker.

We were on our way to take the boat to see the Guess Who at Ontario Place
when we noticed a ton of water in the engine compartment while we were
stowing fenders.  The rag mop had wrapped around the shaft, then the
stuffing box , and basically tore the stuffing box apart.

We quickly returned to dock, but that didn't solve the problem. We were
taking on water faster than any bilge pump could deal with. And, it's not
the kind of leak where you can just stick a cork (or plug) in it.

While we tried to staunch the ingress with rags and such, that was not going
to stop us from sinking.  Our club however, has an emergency gas powered
pump that we were able to deploy and then Metro Marine (the
cops) also showed up with their big pump which basically kept us afloat
while we devised a plan.

In the end, we stopped the leak by using rubber tape (Rubbaweld, Rescue
Tape, etc.) to basically shrinkwrap the remains of the stuffing box.  The
beauty of this stuff is that it's not sticky (except to
itself) and you can use it under water.

That stopped the leak, and we were able to leave the boat at the dock whilst
we drove down to the show.  We missed the opening act, but just as we were
parking the car we could hear on the loudspeaker, 'Please welcome, from
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, the Guess Who!'.  And we were in our seats
before the first song was over. (I can't recall what it was, but Undun would
have been appropriate).

So, to answer Dennis' question - I never leave the dock now without a good
supply of Rescue Tape.

In Mustique

Btw - while typing this in the cockpit, I've had two bats separately fly
down below, circle the saloon and then leave.  Guess they are looking for
the bananas we left on the counter two nights ago. That night, there were no
fewer than 6 of the buggers flying around the saloon and eating my bananas.
And they only left once I pitched the produce overboard.  (This sh*t never
happened back home, man!)

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