{Stus-List} Where is the rain water coming in?

Dave Ryan dryan at buckeye-express.com
Thu Mar 4 18:19:31 EST 2010

There are a couple places you might want to look.
--Those air scoops on the transom could be an entry point. One (stbd) has a 
hose for the blower, the other might or might not have an air hose on it. 
That would tend to collect around the rudder post reinforcements before 
overflowing, and if those are filled up way back in the tail, that's the 

--The rudder post tube is just a fiberglass tube with the stainless rudder 
post in it. Unless the tube has delaminated from the cockpit sole, that 
won't leak.  If your rudder has dropped a few inches leaving a gap between 
the top of the rudder and the hull, it delaminated.
More likely is the pedestal and/or guard bolts leaking.

--Is water getting in from the seat area? If those teak lips are loose, 
especialy on the starboard side, lots of water might get down that hatch. 
Water from here would run almost directly under the motor.

--Check all 4 scupper hoses! Are they secure under the sole? The 4 corners 
of the cockpit meet at 2 "Y" thruhull fittings.  If you've got a cracked 
hose or a bad hoseclamp, be really happy all you have is a little water so 

--About the only other thing other than the traveler bolts would be.....Did 
you leave that little cockpit window open? (or is the rubber seal rock hard 
and not sealing anymore?)

Dave Ryan
C&C 33-1

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> My ’75 33-1 takes on a fair amount of rain water. I suspect it is coming 
> from the cockpit area because I see signs
> that it is passing under the engine on its way to the bilge. I see two 
> possible entry points, the pedestal and
> where the rudder stock comes up through the floor for the emergency 
> tiller. The rudder stock comes up through a
> stainless steel cover/ring like thing held down by three or four screws to 
> the cockpit floor. There is a gap
> between the rudder stock and stainless steel cover/ring. Is there some 
> sort of packing material under this cover
> that needs to be replaced?  There is no obvious sign of water coming in 
> around the pedestal, but I have seen some
> drips around where the rudder goes through the floor.
> Ken
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