{Stus-List} Where is the rain water coming in?

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How about the stuffing box? 

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My ’75 33-1 takes on a fair amount of rain water. I suspect it is coming from the cockpit area because I see signs 
that it is passing under the engine on its way to the bilge. I see two possible entry points, the pedestal and 
where the rudder stock comes up through the floor for the emergency tiller. The rudder stock comes up through a 
stainless steel cover/ring like thing held down by three or four screws to the cockpit floor. There is a gap 
between the rudder stock and stainless steel cover/ring. Is there some sort of packing material under this cover 
that needs to be replaced? There is no obvious sign of water coming in around the pedestal, but I have seen some 
drips around where the rudder goes through the floor. 


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