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A variety of options - sandbags or waterbags placed at strategic points based on the curvature if the window, typically placed on each window port and starboard with the bags tied across the cabin deck by light rope; sections of wood, again at strategic points,  held in place by appropriate lengths of wood jammed against toe rail or suction cups attached on inside of cabin to matching points of attachment port and starboard and connected by twine

with appropriate tenson to pull window into frame.

if you end up with a less than beautiful seam where window edge meets frame attachment point you can make up a wood template for a frame and then have  a welder copy the template using aluminum stock material which can be shaped as in a beveled edge and left a dull silver colour or polished to the degree you wish.

No screws - - - just use an appropriate marine "glue" that sticks anything to everything forever - above or below waterline. Can't recall the product name but it's out there   


Don Bouffordsandbags


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Thanks for all the great advise on window replacement and products to use. Now my question is about a jig of some sort to hold the window in place as the adhesive dries. The surface (the cabin) is curved and the windows from C&C are not. What have some of you used to hold the window tight/flush?  It would seem to me it would have a tendency to spring out. Thanks again...I am dreading this chore slightly less. 

Jo King C&C 27

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