{Stus-List} The smile and fiberglass

Pat Nevitt pnevitt at gmail.com
Wed Mar 10 17:38:08 EST 2010

I happened to go down to my C&C 29 MK II today to replace the broken thru
hull for the bilge pump since it is going to rain heavily over the next few
days and noticed the yard was smoothing epoxy over the smile. They had
ground out the area around the smile previously and were just waiting for
warmer weather to continue with the project.  I mentioned to the guy working
on it that I would expect I would need to make the repair again in 2 years
or so.  He said that they had fiberglassed over the area that they had
ground and were now applying a thin layer of epoxy over the fiberglass and
didn't expect it would ever need fixing again.  Based on some of the reading
on this list I was a little surprised about the fiberglass as I thought that
joint needed to be somewhat flexible.  My understanding is that even if the
keel bolts were ultra tight, which you don't want to do, the bottom part of
the keel still flexes some in the normal course of sailing.  I can't imagine
that the fiberglass wouldn't crack.  Is fiberglass on the smile normal or do
I need to have them undo that and start over?
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