{Stus-List} Cuttless bearing question

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On the 34, the prop is offset to centerline, so no need to drop the rudder
to pull the shaft.  The biggest issue to pulling the shaft is usually
separating the shaft from the coupling.  A good properly sized bearing
puller should remove your cutlass bearing

John & Maryann Read

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        Hi guys and  gals

        I have my 34 on the hard doing bottom paint and 2 thru hulls. My
cuttless bearing has probably about 20 thousand's play and there is lots of
meat left in the bearing itself. I asked the machanic at the marina how much
to replace it and he said atleast 2 hours at 100 per hour and a hundred for
the bearing. He also said the bearing may not  come out and then of course
we would have to pull the shaft and that would be much more. So im going to
put it off till next haul out in 2 years. My question is whats the  chances
that i won't be able to get it out with a puller and have to pull the shaft.
Which I believe means pulling the rudder as well.


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