{Stus-List} retirement sailing...now health care coverage?

Colin Kilgour charliekilo552 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 15 19:14:04 EDT 2010

We've had occasion to see a few doctors down here - nothing serious,
just routine stuff kids get (cuts, fevers, staf infections).

Overall, it's been pretty good in terms of price and service. We have
health insurance, but I don't really intend to make a claim unless the
$ are large (because I hate paperwork).  I think the most we've paid
was $75 in St. John (US VI)

The one caveat to this would be in St. Vincent.  A friend's 5 year old
was admitted overnight to hospital with a serious fever and the
hospital was abysmal in pretty much every sense.  He now recommends
against getting sick in St. Vincent - regardless of your coverage
plan.  (The plus side of course, is the referring physician in Bequia
recognized the severity of the situation, put an IV drip on the kid at
her office, and then provided a nurse to sail on their boat with them
(and the IV) from Bequia to St. Vincent.)


On 3/15/10, Rich Knowles <rk at ns.sympatico.ca> wrote:
> At 2 bucks a shot, I'd go for a double with just a little ice.
> Rich
> On 2010-03-15, at 19:31, "Wally Bryant" <wal at wbryant.com> wrote:
>> Just to add a comment to this thread from last December:
>> I screwed up a neck muscle and have been having spasms and stuff, so
>> finally
>> decided to see a doctor.  Here in La Cruz (Banderas Bay) you can
>> walk in and
>> see a doctor for 20 pesos.  That's about $2.00 US.  He prescribed a
>> series
>> of shots and some pills, and gave me the first shot.  All medicines
>> and the
>> visit totaled 380 pesos, or $30 U.S.  I can go back tomorrow for the
>> second
>> shot, for 20 pesos, or just give it to myself.
>> Amazing.
>> Wal
>> Bob wrote:
>>> Last night, the PBS NewsHour aired a piece on American retirees in
>>> Mexico
>>> using the local medical services. It also told of a medical tourist
>>> who
>>> had his hip replaced for $13K.
>>> http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/health/july-dec09/mexico_12-28.html
>>> Wal, as "Our Man in Mexico", have you met many cruisers/retirees
>>> who use
>>> the local clinics and hospitals?
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