{Stus-List} Insurance and cows on foredeck ...

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Funny - my broker called me yesterday reminding me is time to pay for
the year.  I always forget when it is ski season and the boat is on its

Regarding cows.  I might recruit one for foredeck work.  It would
probably be lighter and push the bow down less than when my regular guy
is out and I have to do foredeck work in a pinch.  Also - with four feet
would a cow not be much more stable on a foredeck than a person with
only two?


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Yeah, I really miss that cow.   Ah, the good old days...

John wrote:
> Welcome to the C&C group.  This list is a wealth of knowledge 
> willingly shared - if sometime interspersed with foredeck cows but 
> then that is another story  :-) <snip>

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