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I've been sending emails to everyone over the past 2 weeks.  Each time, as recent as this morning, yours comes back as undeliverable.  If you get this one can you let me know.  I've double checked the address, spelling ect and all seems correct. 


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Ha ha, these are kind of funny – that is, until we hear a story of one of these incidents where someone got hurt. ;^( 

I think, after all this, I am going to have someone watch my Ray-compass while I go below and start the domestic pump under the sink, (where the fluxgate is located), and maybe a few other experiments. The wiring aspect never dawned on me, 

I guess this is where having a pro install these things can pay dividends.  Except, then, you are never aware  you got any benefit over doing it yourself because nothing went wrong. 

Thanks for the story Fred. 

Bill Coleman 

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I've had an autopilot on every boat I've owned since 1976. The first one was a Autohelm 1000 with a compass dial. I called it R2D2 (star wars). The next one was second version of the Autohelm 1000 with a keypad. I called it R2D3.  Both units worked great. 
  The next one was a Nexus wheel pilot. I called it sh_ _head.  It would not steer a straight course.  A month after I bought the Nexus they came out with a new wheel pilot. After much discussion with Nexus they exchanged my unit for the newer model.   Later that season, I was cruising along about 1/4 mile off a beach with not another boat in sight.  Just a nice straight course parallel with the beach. I went below to make coffee. All of a sudden the autopilot made a 90 degree turn right for the beach!  Tech support said "someone with a garage door opener on the beach caused the course change".  I named this one sh_ _thead 2. 
  I had a Raymarine 4000 on a Pearson 28 (Bill Shaw design). Hours on the cell phone from the boat with tech support.  Useless.   I should have named it sh_ _thead3. I will never own another Raymarine product. 
Michael Cotton 
1990 C&C 37 Plus 
S/v Blue Pearl 

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Hi Brian, 
I had my Raymarine ST4000 do a 180 on me when we were motoring into into Gore Bay, Manitoulin Island, and were putting the sails away.  
Not nice.  
And then the fluxgate compass was all screwed up. As best as we can establish it was caused by a wire to close to the receiving unit.  
So check wiring around compass and instruments.  My VHF is mounted in the same place as the instruments.  Probably not a smart move. 
And I will never ever trust an autopilot again. 
S/V Tangerine 
C&C35 MK II 
Lion's Head, Ontario 

On 18/03/2010 4:43 PM, Nauset Beach wrote: 

Last summer my Simrad autopilot did a “Crazy Ivan” on two  different days after about 45-60 minutes of operation; one time to starboard and one time to port [do not recall if it was the top or bottom of the hour.]   I turned it off and hand steered the balance of the trip both times.  

Has anyone experienced this with a Simrad autopilot?  Any known fix, other than replacing the unit?  It is a tiller-pilot “TP-30” not the newer TP-32.  

I spoke with a local authorized repair / service company and they said they had a couple customers that had the same problem with the Simrad wheel pilot, so it sounds like a Simrad electronics issue.  They also said that Simrad in general is terrible to deal with on any service / repairs and did not hold out any hope that Simrad would have a fix for this issue.  The only thing they thought it might be was the internal compass hanging up, but that does not seem likely given these various units – both TP and WP – have experienced sudden 90* turns.  Do not know what their other customers have done.  

Replacing the autopilot is not a great option: the universe seems to be either the Simrad TP-32 or Raymarine “Smart Pilot X-5”, and the Raymarine is nearly twice as much $.  These are “above deck” units – do not really need / want a permanently installed below deck unit.  

Dennis… Fred…   Anyone with any suggestions? 


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