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Yes.  I have the original invoice for Touche'.  It was ordered by an individual through a dealer.  There were several options, requests and specifications on the order.

For instance, the opening midships hatch, stern pulpit and other items were extra cost options.

One that has always puzzled me was the request to ship the boat with the winches unmounted.  The winches and fasteners were to be delivered in the cabin.

Dennis C.
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Greetings yawl. 

I may be well out of my league here but back in the day when one ordered his boat from a dealer couldn't he specify any number of winches, sizes and configurations. The original owner of my 27 cheapened out and had only 2 cabin top winches installed and after looking at the build file, 4 was an option as were larger primaries.

Brent Driedger
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On 23-Mar-10, at 9:46 PM, Alan Bergen wrote:

>I'm wondering whether your boat was a prototype, but later boats were used and set up alike for the Challenge.  The owner's manual shows two cabin top winches on port and two on starboard, but no spinnaker halyard/babystay winch.  It also shows inside tracks.  Where are your tracks located? I just have inside tracks and I can use snatch blocks on the rail.
>I used to use a 155, but now I just use a 135 and a 110 sheeted to the inside tracks.  With the 135 I can point to 35 degrees apparent, and 30 degrees with the 110.  Where's your home port?
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>Hi Alan
>OK, that makes sense - I've only got one winch for a spin halyard (not 
>sure of the logic of that, but whatever).  That one is on port and also 
>does duty as the babystay tensioner.  Starboard side, no spin halyard 
>winch.  And I've only got one winch on the cabin top, starboard side.
>I've got two manual bilge pumps, they look factory (gelcoat slathered 
>around the holes through the frames).  One adjacent the helm, the other 
>is down below, in the aft storage under the setee (adjacent the port 
>hand-hold pole).
>Do you use the inside tracks?  We had a 140, no concerns with it on the 
>regular track - I say had 'cause it blew out near the end of the 
>season.  For a 150 maybe the inside tracks would make sense.  A 130% is 
>fine for us 99% of the time around here anyway, so I will probably stick 
>with that for a while.

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