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Hi Dennis,

Winches in the cabin would be a good way to protect them from road grime 
during trucking. I'm sure they didn't shrink-wrap boats "back in the day".
No height advantage to remove cockpit winches.

         Cheers, Russ
         35 mk-1

At 06:29 AM 3/24/2010, you wrote:
>Yes.  I have the original invoice for Touche'.  It was ordered by an 
>individual through a dealer.  There were several options, requests and 
>specifications on the order.
>For instance, the opening midships hatch, stern pulpit and other items 
>were extra cost options.
>One that has always puzzled me was the request to ship the boat with the 
>winches unmounted.  The winches and fasteners were to be delivered in the 
>Dennis C.
>Touche' 35-1 #83
>Mandeville, LA
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>Greetings yawl.
>I may be well out of my league here but back in the day when one ordered 
>his boat from a dealer couldn't he specify any number of winches, sizes 
>and configurations. The original owner of my 27 cheapened out and had only 
>2 cabin top winches installed and after looking at the build file, 4 was 
>an option as were larger primaries.
>Brent Driedger
>s/v Wild Rover
>On 23-Mar-10, at 9:46 PM, Alan Bergen wrote:
>>I'm wondering whether your boat was a prototype, but later boats were 
>>used and set up alike for the Challenge.  The owner's manual shows two 
>>cabin top winches on port and two on starboard, but no spinnaker 
>>halyard/babystay winch.  It also shows inside tracks.  Where are your 
>>tracks located? I just have inside tracks and I can use snatch blocks on 
>>the rail.
>>I used to use a 155, but now I just use a 135 and a 110 sheeted to the 
>>inside tracks.  With the 135 I can point to 35 degrees apparent, and 30 
>>degrees with the 110.  Where's your home port?
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>>Hi Alan
>>OK, that makes sense - I've only got one winch for a spin halyard (not
>>sure of the logic of that, but whatever).  That one is on port and also
>>does duty as the babystay tensioner.  Starboard side, no spin halyard
>>winch.  And I've only got one winch on the cabin top, starboard side.
>>I've got two manual bilge pumps, they look factory (gelcoat slathered
>>around the holes through the frames).  One adjacent the helm, the other
>>is down below, in the aft storage under the setee (adjacent the port
>>hand-hold pole).
>>Do you use the inside tracks?  We had a 140, no concerns with it on the
>>regular track - I say had 'cause it blew out near the end of the
>>season.  For a 150 maybe the inside tracks would make sense.  A 130% is
>>fine for us 99% of the time around here anyway, so I will probably stick
>>with that for a while.
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