{Stus-List} Hull Construction Question

Rick Taillieu rtaillieu at eastlink.ca
Mon Mar 29 15:45:56 EDT 2010

Colin, I don't think it's as hard as you might think.  They would mask off
for the main hull colour (white), then cover over the blue stripe areas,
leaving the red open.  They would spray the red, remove the covering over
the blue stripes and spray the blue.  Then they would remove the remaining
masking and spray the entire hull which would fill in the white stripes.
Any overspray would be on the inside of the lay-up so it wouldn't be seen.
The moulds rotate so getting in and out to mask/unmask is fairly easy.


Rick Taillieu
'75 C&C 25
Shearwater YC

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I think you are right on your premise of what they did for the CB 
boats.   I think they also had to do this for the fins because the keel 
box is so deep.  I don't know how they would lay this up if the keel 
sump and the hull were made at the same.   I  am not aware of any CB 
38-3's but  I have seen the line drawings and they show at least 5 different
keels, all with a different sump.

I also think it is some kind of polyester product.  They must have glass
backing this up in side the hull.  I can't imagine thickened polyester resin
is that strong.

Thanks for the input.

Does anyone know how they got the boot stripe lines in the gelcoat.  
Clearly it is sprayed in but how did they mask off the areas, and once the
first color is in, how do they get the next color in.  Someone would have to
go into the mold and remove the masking tape and retape for the next one.  I
would have thought the gelcoat would have been fragile and 
easily damaged.  My 38 has white/blue/white/red/white/blue.   This must 
have been labour intensive.


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