{Stus-List} FUBARed impeller....

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May have what you are looking for, I replaced mine last year. It was from a 1982 Landfall 35, probably the same unit. Send me your email address, I'll send you a photo of it. It is the full paddle wheel, housing and cable, looks like a co-ax on one end.
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I need to consult the group.....looks like when hauled last fall the strap must have been over the impeller just forward of the keel.  It used to spin freely, and now it don't.  I left the service manager at the yard a v-mail message about this and haven't heard back.  I did, for the first time, locate the sending unit below the v-berth, removed it, and attempted to push out the pin holding the little wheelie in place...it appears reluctant at best.  Probably because it is bent.  Bummer.  This is probably the original Datamarine sending unit.

The question is...can this be fixed or do I have to replace the whole unit...thru-hull, cable, and all, or is it repairable.  Unfortunately, the coil (?) of excess cable is elsewhere so there is little room to work onit at any rate.  I can't be the first to be so lucky. What are my options, or, is the yard really responsible (somehow I seem to remember a disclaimer) ?

Thank you'all.  It takes a bit of time to keep up with the list, but, there is always great stuff...and Wally's stories!

Spencer Johnson
1984 C&C LF 38 "Alegria" #165
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