{Stus-List} C&C 33-2 Window Replacement

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One tube should be plenty.  

A couple of warnings.  One, be sure your new windows have no rough edges.
Even a minor rough edge can be enough start a crack as the boat flexes.
Two, use adequate spacers to allow enough Sikaflex to remain in the joint
and absorb the movement and not crack the window. Three, be sure to sand all
surfaces that you will put primer on the insure it makes a good bond.

Fred Hazzard
C&C 44 Fury

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Ah...More window replacement talk.

I have just formally joined your group, but know that this is a topic that
has been discussed extensively, so hopefully my question is simple enough.

I have recently purchased a "new to me" 1985 C&C 33 and have the inevitable
job of replacing the port lights.   After research and trolling the web for
insight, I have settled on using the Sikaflex 295UV product and all the
associated primer/cleaner products along with it.  

My question is: How many tubes of the 295UV product will I need to complete
both windows.   I would hate to be caught short in the middle of the job.

Any insight is appreciated.

Ed Rogers
C&C 33-2
Youngstown, NY

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