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FYI, I saw a minimum maintenance handrail using teak oblong grabrail set into standoffs that were molded into the deck on several designs.  Probably fiberglass layers over whatever core was used in the deck?  The standoffs were part of the deck and the same color while the wooden rails were varnished and added a nice design touch.  The oblong shape, seemed to be made from 1" x 2" teak lumber, flat top and bottom, with rounded edges, seemed easier to keep watertight?  Saw this on an older English singlehander and several Hunters in the boatyard. 


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I re-bedded the handrails on my 33-1 several years ago and it's time to do it again. 
Because of age, excessive cleaning and sanding, they are getting thin and I"m thinking about replacement. 

One of the keys (in my mind) is getting a wide enough base so the exterior handrails don't rock when crew stands on them. They angle outboard  due to deck curvature, and crew just loves to stand on them. 

I saw handrails on a Bob Perry design I like. It was a canoe-stern...was it a Valient? 
Anyway, the handrails had separate bases that a long round dowel grabrail set into. The base was wide at the deck level and had a concave top where the dowel bedded into. 

Something like this end-view: 
/ * \ 

So I"m thinking of trying to mill out a bunch of bases then get round stock and see if I can mock up something that is more stable, will use the same attachment holes, and still give that nice teak look on deck. 

Dave Ryan 
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