{Stus-List} C&C 30-1 t&h flooring liftup?

Nate Flesness nate at isis.org
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Sorry, I didn't answer your other question - my bilge pump is in the deeper part of the bilge immediately aft of the mast.
I have to reach forward under the wood mast step cover to get at it.
That's maybe a foot forward of the Whale intake on this boat.

BTW - do other 30-1's have a separate solid oak piece, maybe 16" by 8", directly under the mast step casting,
held down with some odd-type "Allen" screws (not Allen drive)?
I've wondered if mine was original, or if PO did this?


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You are out of luck.

But, I would like to know how you built the drip pan. I have no drips, except when a little gets by the absorbent cloth when I change the oil filter. But, it still gets pretty grungy down there. My 'under the mast' bilge pump died about two weeks after I put the mast back in, so I have one right where the Whale hose ends and am sucking up the extra junk from the bottom of the bilge with a hand pump. I have put a fair amount of bilge cleaner in and it still comes up cruddy. I'm thinking about one of those 12v pumps from Harbor Freight - and run a tube down to the bottom of the bilge and tee it into the sink drain. Where is your pump?

Gary Nylander
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Any advice on how to non-destructively lift up the teak and holly veneer plywood flooring in a 30-1?

I need to really clean the bilge.

Replacing the flooring is a project for another year...but I'd sure like to get under it to clean some old oil scum bits and grunge.
PO had a persistent oil leak which I have (mostly) stopped by redoing the oil pan gasket and torquing to spec,
and also building up a real engine drip pan with a water tunnel underneath, to better separate any current/future oil drips from the  bilge water.

It looks like the cabin furniture (aft galley cabinets, dinette seat) was placed on top of the flooring......
There is one flooring piece in the galley area and another runs the length of the salon.

I've scrubbed the accessible bilge spotless, and used West Marine citrus bilge cleaner to try to get the other areas....
It helped some, but old bits of black oily crud appear at random, especially after a windy day rocks the boat at its slip
... and sometimes the cruddy stuff spits out when my bilge pump cycles at the marina....
My neighbors are a bit less neighborly when that happens..


"Sarah Jean"
1980 30-1
Siskiwit Bay Marina
Lake Superior

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