{Stus-List} C&C 29 mk1 keel shoe

Rob Miller r.miller at shaw.ca
Sun Jan 2 23:36:21 EST 2011

I highly recommend this modification. It was done by the PO in the US so
unfortunately I can't help with where to get it done (Mars seems likely). 


s/v Dark Star

'78 29 mk1

Victoria BC


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You need to contact these guys. 




They made the original keels and if someone had a semi standard shoe, it was
almost certainly them.

At the very least they can give you useful information.


I have long thought of ways to add weight to my 27, which starting with the
mark 3, is similar to the 29 in degree of tenderness.


Steve Thomas




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Does anyone know if the 400lb keel shoe for the C&C 29 is still available?
If not, is it reasonable to think about building one?  Any insight,
comments, or information would be greatly welcomed.

s/v Johanna Rose


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