{Stus-List} Circuit Breakers

Rich Knowles rk at ns.sympatico.ca
Tue Jan 4 07:35:24 EST 2011

Hi Larry.


I don't know precisely the configuration of your particular electric panel,
but I strongly suggest you consider replacing the entire panel along with
new breakers. After some 25 years, there is a good probability that a number
of the existing breakers are reaching the end of their lives and the
possibility of failure is increasing. Many of the original panels also had
analog voltmeters and ammeters in them which were and are pretty blunt
instruments for judging electrical consumption and battery condition. A new
panel will give you the opportunity to install modern digital meters such as
the Link series which will allow you to accurately monitor electrical usage.
I appreciate that there is a cost involved, but the increasing need for a
reliable electrical supply on board makes a new panel and wiring clean up an
excellent investment and one that you will truly appreciate.


Rich Knowles


Halifax, NS



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Hi to all,


  I'm having a tough time sourcing replacement circuit breakers for my 12v
panel.It's an OEM panel in a 1985 35 MKiii.The breakers in it now were made
by carling industries. I'm in Canada,so if anyone knows of a source
here,that would be convenient,but anywhere in north america is fine.


Thanks in advance.


Larry Dick


1985 35 Mk iii 'Sooner'

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