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larry dick larryadick at gmail.com
Tue Jan 4 22:53:42 EST 2011

Thanks to all for your comments re circuit breakers. Funny I tried all the
electrical supply houses here and only got vacant stares.As far as
chandleries go,there are none close enough to walk into,tried all the online
ones to no avail. Thanks for the Digikey reference Michael.And I missed the
one from The Binnacle,thanks for the tip Graham. That's the one. Sounds like
your panels are the same config as mine. I just got the boat and considered
new panels,but when I got inside most of the circuit breakers on the DC and
the AC panels look like they have been replaced recently.I cleaned up all
the connections,replaced all indicator lights with leds etc. Also replaced
DC Voltmeter and 2 way switch, just want to replace the few old breakers
that are left.

Thanks again to all.
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