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JOHN D IRVIN john.irvin at rogers.com
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Britannia Yacht Club (Ottawa Canada) and its neighbouring clubs all have crewing 
memberships. They are valid only on race nights/days  and purchasing privileges 
are included. 

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Would appreciate any help you can give me and apologise in advance that this is 
not C&C related!.  I am trying to find out whether it is reasonably common for 
yacht clubs to have a "Crew" membership category for people who crew regularly 
on cruising class boats for club races.  Would you be so kind as to let me know 
if your club has a "crew" membership category, and if so what you charge per 
year for the membership, and if crew members have full charging privileges 
(dining room, bar etc). If you don't have a "crew" membership, do you allow crew 
to buy drinks / meals etc on race nights / days?

Thanks in advance.  I will be happy to share the results of the survey to anyone 
who might want it. You can email me directly at indigo at thethomsons.us if you 
would prefer.

Indigo C&C 35MkIII - Southport CT 

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