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Don;t tell me the recession has finally reached Southport CT !!!!!!


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> Thanks to all who have responded so
> far.  I forgot to ask for the names of the Club's -
> having names of Club's on the survey results will make them
> more interesting / meaningful.  In the light of full
> disclosure, I am conducting this informal survey for Pequot
> Yacht Club - we do not have a bar, and our dining facilities
> are limited to lunchtime, Wednesday post-race bbq, and
> special events. We do not currently have a "crew" membership
> category, but are looking at ways to encourage non-member
> crews to come to the BBQ post race and socialise.  It's
> tough on the boat-owning member to have to spring for the
> cost of the bbq each time for all his / her crew, and
> although we do have the capability to accept credit cards
> this is not yet implemented in the dining area. 
> Jonathan
> Indigo - Southport CT
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> > Would appreciate any help you can give me 


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