{Stus-List} Folding or Feathering Prop?

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An interesting observation re the newer Tim Jacket C&Cs.
I sail on both a C&C 99 and a C&C 115.  Both have very good reverse and neither owner has ever complained about lack of power in reverse.  Both use folding props on saildrives.


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The below is exactly what I see on my boat with a geared 2 blade Martec! 
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	Have a martec on C&C 34- great while sailing, doesn't catch lobster pots.....  just ok in fwd, run at 2700 at around 5.8kts (kind conditions)   in reverse- well reverse is a concept with a martec- nice to know its there, but don't rely on it to really stop you unless you are almost stopped anyway.....3k rpm in reverse, lots of rattle, noise, and, little actually happens.   From a dead stop you can back up- but then you run into the offset prop issue on the 34
	Steve Rosen
	C&C 34
	Mystic, CT
	alert451 at hotmail.com

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	 On my Pearson 28 I had a Martec folding prop. It was smooth with plenty of reverse. Under power I could not tell the difference between the original fixed 2 blade and the Martec. My Beneteau First 405 had a Gori 2 blade geared folding prop. It was extremely smooth with plenty of power forward or reverse. My C&C 37+ Has a 3 blade max prop that feathers. Again smooth with plenty of power. Sometimes I had to add more throttle than I liked to get the prop to engage or reverse. Just my experiences. 
	Michael Cotton
	(temporally) Boatless in Denver


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	I have a 3 blade feathering "J Prop" on my C&C 37XL and am pleased with it.  It works great, smooth as silk, lots of bite and lots of reverse and can be adjusted  if necessary by a diver in the water with out disassembly or even tools, can be greased without dissasembly by replacing a small plug in the body of the prop with a grease fitting and pumping it full.
	We put several hundred hours on it (and thousands of miles) this summer on a trip from Toronto down the St. Lawrence River to Cape Breton Island on the Atlantic coast.
	I've spent quite a bit if time on a C&C 35 with a Gori 2 blade folding prop.  Not much reverse but that may be transmission issues as much as prop issues.
	A friend has a 2 blade folding prop on his C&C 38 and seem pleased with it.  It seems to have plenty of reverse.
	Ken H.
	On 12 January 2011 11:35, Stéphan Lamer <stephanlamer at videotron.ca> wrote:

		I used to have a Max Prop feathering propeller on my Tartan 30 and i juste loved it. My new boat, a C & C 35 MKIII, came with a folding propeller and i wake up in the middle of the night juste to hate it!!!  Lots of vibrations and simply no reverse in comparison. Next spring  the folding propeller is coming off and will be replaced with a Kiwi Prop, witch is even better than a MAx Prop. The Kiwi Feather Propeller Home Page <http://www.kiwiprops.co.nz/>  Less weight = less vibrations, and less drag. 

		C&C 35 MKIII

		Stéphan Lamer
		stephanlamer at videotron.ca

		Le 12012011 à 09:49, Ron Ander a écrit :

			I was earlier convinced that a feathering prop is the right way to go for my 1986 C&C 29 Mk 2.  This week one of the better racers at my club suggested that I go for the folding prop.  He said that there is less drag and in fact it worked very well in reverse.  I have been concerned that when going into reverse under power it takes a while to unfold and grab.  


			Any suggestions or experiences you can pass on to me would be very helpful.


			I don't want to make the same mistake I made when I bought my first V.C.R., a Beta Max.  My neighbour and former friend said "You bought the wrong one."




			Ron Ander

			Etobicoke Yacht Club


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