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John,I keep a telescoping boat pole on the shelf in the cockpit locker. Shaft is marked as you have done. With trans in neutral I push on the coupling with the tip of the boat pole on one of the bolts till shaft lined up then who ever is at helm shifts into reverse to lock. Works great. Actually we also do a little gambling fun as well which sometimes gives us the extra bit of luck in the race. With main set I shut off the engine, put in neutral. Moving through the water, as you know, the prop will spin. Then put trans in reverse and look at the shaft. About 40% of the time it locks on the money(mark on top). When it does line up we get extra pumped before the race.Perhaps I should start tracking results vs shaft lining up?Jim1982 34'

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> We have a folding 2 blade Martec which is not geared.  Engine is Yanmar
> 3QM - 20 HP.  Works great in forward.  Reverse is an available option, but
> certainly workable.  Keeping it clean is a major factor in performance.
> We race and have found that especially in light air it pays to lock the
> shaft by putting it in reverse such that the blades if opened are parallel
> to the horizon as opposed to vertical.  This minimizes a blade hanging down
> and creating drag.  It also facilitates both blades opening equal amounts
> when initially starting under power.  We have the shaft marked just behind
> the transmission which is visible from the cockpit through the starboard
> sail locker hatch.
> The question is:  what is a preferred way to rotate the shaft to the desired
> position?  Climbing into the locker to move the shaft by hand is not easy
> due to the gear stored there.  We currently have a crew with head into the
> locker observing the shaft while I touch the starter with engine in gear and
> stop cable engaged. Seems like a lot of unnecessary exercising of the
> starter.  As an alternate, I thought that maybe having a crew go below,
> access the engine, release the compression release levers, rotate the engine
> as required (only in the proper direction) then re engage the compression
> levers.
> Comment??
> John & Maryann Read
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> Noank, CT
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