{Stus-List} Mainsheet system on C&C 35-III

Tim Goodyear timgdyr at gmail.com
Sat Jan 15 10:51:04 EST 2011

One day my (new) main trimmer applied a little too much effort to the
hydraulic vang - i thought the banana shape in the boom would be

On Saturday, January 15, 2011, John and Maryann Read
<johnpread at comcast.net> wrote:
> Tim
> Our 34
> has mid boom sheeting.  Single Harken 3 sheave blocks on traveler and
> boom.  Had to install larger bale on boom when original broke.
> Sheet goes forward to mast then aft to 2 speed winch on cabin roof next to
> companionway - I think it is a Barient 22.  Traveler is Harken big boat
> series with cam cleats each side.  Works very well.   One crew is
> dedicated to trimming main and winch provides more than enough power to
> trim even if fully loaded.  All lines hang down below so are out of
> the way.  That crew stands in companionway and is out the way of other crew
> but can easily reach out a hand to help if needed.  Easy to play traveler
> going upwind to balance the rig during puffs.  Interesting to note that
> from my position on the helm I can see the boom actually sagging when fully
> trimmed in a breeze.  The downside is the helmsman can not easily trim the
> main
> John & Maryann Read
> Legacy III
> 1982 C&C 34
> Noank, CT
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>   Mainsheet system on C&C 35-III
>   I'm going to change out my mainsheet system this year to replace some
>   worn blocks / cleat, as well as trying to make it kinder to the mainsail
>   trimmer and making that position accessible to more people.  The
>   traveller upgrade forced on me when the car disintegrated last year is
>   wonderful and I wish I had done it before.  What do people use for their
>   mainsheets, how do they find them (especially for racing)?  What line do
>   people use?
>   My current setup is a 5:1 with a fine-tune inside the boom (that rarely
>   gets used).  I'm thinking of going to a 6:1 or 8:1 two-speed
>   and getting rid of the fine-tune.  The main
>   issue with the current system has been getting the final bit of trim on
>   (the fine tune would help there) and being able to dump quickly if needed
>   (fine tune can't help).  Something like the Ronstan RF72900 or Harken
>   equivalent would probably work, but that is a little pricey and will mean
>   a lot of line in the cockpit...
>   Thanks,
>   Tim
>   Mojito
>   C&C 35-III

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