{Stus-List} Aft and Forward Spring Lines - C&C 35MkIII

Indigo (Jonathan Thomson) indigo at thethomsons.us
Sat Jan 15 19:09:49 EST 2011

I was wondering what the concensus of the 35Mk III owners is with regard to setting up fore and aft spring lines.

I have generally been using the base of the shrouds as the on-board anchor point, but this is not totally satisfactory on several counts (rips up any rigging tape I have protecting the cotter pins, is a pain to adjust on-board end etc) and I am also told it is not a good place from the point of view of placing undue stress on the chain-plates etc.

Have other MkIII owners bought cleats that will attach to the slotted toe-rail - if so - where can I get them?  If not what are better alternatives to the way I currently set up my spring lines?

As always, thanks in advance!

Indigo - Southport CT
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